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Service Overview

Foot reflexology is a historical treatment that has been practiced for many centuries. It utilises the application of pressure to certain points on the base of the foot. These points correspond to specific areas of the body. Multiple benefits arise from this, including aiding digestion, reducing stress and promoting peaceful sleep.

How does Foot Reflexology work?

The feet contain meridian points that correspond with many organs in the body. In foot reflexology, therapeutic massage is performed with sustained pressure instead of broad strokes, like a normal massage. Delicate detail and pressure are applied to certain reflex points and held there until for a prolonged period of time.

What are the Benefits of Foot Reflexology?

Foot reflexology can help with:

  • Digestion
  • Improved Sleep
  • Relieving Stress
  • Relaxation of the Eyes

Foot reflexology helps interrupt the cycle of repeated lifestyle stress by aiding the body processes to return to their natural state. For example, the stomach is connected to one of the reflex points on the feet — when this specific point is stimulated, it helps to improve digestion by increasing blood flow to the stomach.

In addition, Foot reflexology helps to alleviate some of the strain we place on our eyes in our daily activities — these pressure points help to relax the taut muscles caused by excessive hours spent on our screens daily.

Furthermore, it is easier to have a peaceful night’s sleep after a treatment as reflexology is redistributing energy and improving overall circulation.

What to Expect During Your First Foot Reflexology session?

Some people experience immediate relief, especially in cases of pain and anxiety. However, do note that each case is unique and there is no set timeline for improvement. After a session, one can also expect to feel soreness, but the good kind. In order to avoid painful soreness, communicate openly with the practitioner about what level of pressure feels comfortable and appropriate for you.

How long before the Effects of Foot Reflexology can be noticed?

One session may interrupt the stress response, but multiple sessions are recommended for optimal benefits. Generally, it is advisable that you attend sessions frequently to get the most out of the therapy. If you instead prefer to do it once in a while, you can treat it as a nice relaxation holiday for your feet and you!

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